Post Cancer Care

So you just survived cancer, Now What?

Now your new journey begins…

The path of survivorship is one that most people don’t talk about, but it is a real journey, and one you shouldn’t struggle through alone. As you begin this journey, it is very common to experience:

  • Fears about the future or the unknown
  • Fears about recurrence
  • Desiring to be pro-active about your health, but not knowing where to begin
  • Low energy levels
  • Isolation (Loved ones don’t understand what you are going through)
  • Struggling to re-acclimate to everyday life
  • Struggling to find your new “normal”

I know what this feels like.

After surviving the initial ordeal of breast cancer and treatment, I hoped my life would be back to normal within a few months. But that was not the case…

I was stirred up to find out all I could to regain charge of my life. And I went on a quest, studying everything I could get my hands on, getting training in different areas of health and wellness in order to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional struggle of re-acclimating to life after cancer. As a result, I am stronger now than I was, even before cancer.

Now I am passionate about helping others. And I’m passionate about getting others back to their new normal faster than I did. It doesn’t have to take years. With the right training, and the right trainer, it can take months, not years, to gain your health, confidence, and energy back.

My “You Call The Shots” Program

In my “You Call The Shots” program I outline self-care strategies with clear step-by-step processes that help you regain wholeness physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. I will show you how to regain your health, vibrancy, and passion to fearlessly live life on your own terms.

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The Best Investment You Can Make Is An Investment In Your HealthRoe Spinks

In This Program, You Get…

  • 8 weekly online training video modules
    • Regain your energy to tackle everyday life
    • Increase your confidence
    • Alleviate fears of recurrence
    • Gain an all-encompassing and completely objective health education
  • Private coaching with Roe
    • Talk privately, one-on-one with Roe, in three sessions during the program
    • Asses your progress, and together, clearly define your next steps
    • Talk about your fears, your wins, and your losses
  • 12 live workshop trainings
    • Attend a live webinar workshop training every two weeks. These sessions will be recorded, so if you are not available to be present during the live trainings, you will have access to them later.
  • A variety of recipes
    • Every recipe is designed to nourish your body and mind with wholesome, organic ingredients
    • Two focuses: 1.) Strengthen the body. 2.) Strengthen the brain.
    • Filled with cancer-fighting foods
  • An accountability partner
    • This will allow you and your partner to keep each other motivated and help keep momentum in your growth
    • Opportunity to build a relationship that will last for years to come
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
    • Access is given to members of “You Call The Shots” only
    • A place where you can connect, share and interact with your peers in the program
    • A safe, online space to share, connect, learn and grow with your peers
    • A place for weekly Q & A with Roe Spinks
  • Bonus inspirational guide by Roe
    • Available for immediate digital download after signing up
    • Motivational and inspirational guide to get you fired up and to guide you along the journey

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Meet Roe

I have been cancer FREE for 7 years and I continue to maintain a cheerful, healthy and active lifestyle.Roe Spinks

In just 7 short years, I became a #1 best-selling author, a professional body-builder, a certified health and wellness coach to cancer survivors and founder of the “You Call the Shots” inspirational YouTube channel. I have become a public speaker, and am frequently asked by major cancer organizations to share my message of empowerment and hope to cancer survivors. I’ve been featured several times in magazines, television spots, radio programs, and newspaper articles. I am a mentor for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and a Portrait of Hope Ambassador for the American Cancer Society.

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Many may read this and think “she is really lucky to be able to accomplish all that”. But I am here to tell you that luck had nothing to do with it. The fact is, I am no different from anybody else. Everyone, when equipped with the right tools and knowledge can learn, in just a short a time, how to take charge of their own health, and their own life, and accomplish great feats.

It’s not what you go through. It’s how you chose to go through it – Your circumstances don’t have to determine your outcome.Roe Spinks

My mission is to coach and train you to have this same empowerment, and achieve this kind of success, in your own life. And I’ve strategically designed this program for you to do exactly that.

I encourage people to dare to fight for their dreams and not to succumb to the temptation to give up!

Don’t allow setbacks to stop you from attaining or reaching your goals. I am a witness that you can accomplish them, even if they might be delayed”. You just need the right training to know how.Roe Spinks

  • Want to feel better?
  • Be more confident in your health?
  • Have more energy?
  • Feel supported by people who can relate to your journey?

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