About Me

Don’t allow setbacks to stop you from attaining or reaching your goals. I am a witness that you can accomplish them, even if they might be delayed”. You just need the right training to know how.Roe Spinks

Life After Cancer

In just 7 short years, I became a #1 best-selling author, a professional body-builder, and a certified health and wellness coach to cancer survivors. I have become a public speaker, and am frequently asked by major cancer organizations to share my message of empowerment and hope to cancer survivors. I’ve been featured several times in magazines, television spots, radio programs, and newspaper articles. I am a mentor for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and a Portrait of Hope Ambassador for the American Cancer Society.

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It’s About Education, not Luck

Many may read this and think “she is really lucky to be able to accomplish all that”. But I am here to tell you that luck had nothing to do with it. The fact is, I am no different from anybody else. Everyone, when equipped with the right tools and knowledge can learn, in just a short a time, how to take charge of their own health, and their own life, and accomplish great feats.

It’s not what you go through. It’s how you chose to go through it – Your circumstances don’t have to determine your outcome.Roe Spinks

My Mission…

My mission is to coach and train you to have this same empowerment, and achieve this kind of success, in your own life. And I’ve strategically designed this program for you to do exactly that.

I encourage people to dare to fight for their dreams and not to succumb to the temptation to give up!

I have been cancer FREE for 7 years and I continue to maintain a cheerful, healthy and active lifestyle.Roe Spinks